The renewal of the consulting business

The number of self-employed people in Spain grew by 1.3% in 2021.During this 2016, taking into account the data from the first three quarters, it is predictable that the percentage will increase by a few tenths. This, a priori, should be good news for consultancies and management companies in Spain, but the reality is that not in all cases is so. The conventions of the traditional model and the adaptation of the new professions to the Internet environment are forcing a significant change in the system. Current factors affecting the consultancy business Firstly, the economic crisis has led many people in Spain to resort to self-employment to cope with the unemployment situation in which they found themselves.

However, in a very competitive environment in which it is difficult to make a profit from the outset, a good number of them have opted for self-management with the aim of saving on the price of consultancy services. Likewise, the growth of e-government and the ease with which many procedures can be carried out has also led to a decrease in the use of consultancy services. The Crete system of social security is a good example of this. In addition, an increasing number of invoicing and accounting programs are doing most of the work for entrepreneurs in this area.

Adapting consultancies to the new model of entrepreneurship Consultancies, as a result of the evolution of society's entrepreneurial models, are having to adapt their processes to new demands and make their services worthwhile. They are achieving this, on the one hand, by strengthening their role as business advisors and, on the other, by reducing their fees and offering added value. In fact, many consultancies are choosing to operate solely through the Internet. By making use of email and platforms that facilitate the process of sending accounting documentation, they are once again making it convenient for the self-employed and not being seen as an unnecessary expense.

A good example is the AyudaTpymes mobile application, although it is possible to find many others. In addition, the Internet is now playing a leading role in this new model, which offers enormous advantages for both parties.

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