The horror of being out of work

One of the worst situations a human being can experience is to be out of work. Suddenly, he finds that he no longer has a place to go every morning, a place where he can develop his professional experience and put all his knowledge into practice. Free time accumulates and despair sets in. Life takes a turn, and not exactly in the most favourable direction.

A person who has been active for a large part of his life finds himself helpless, unable to continue with his normal pace of life and with no options for getting out of that situation. The

precariousness of unemployment benefitsWhen

the horrible situation of losing one's job occurs, the immediate step is to sign up for unemployment. Receiving a salary as a result of all the years that she has dedicated of her life to work is the minimum that this person can ask for. After all, workers sacrifice some of their free time, their life to work, to make the country prosper, so the least they can do is be thanked for helping them survive in that horrible period of time when they are unemployed and unpaid.

In a society where the average rent for decent housing is more than 600 euros, an unemployment benefit of just over 700 euros is not enough for a family to feed, clothe, etc. The problem is much greater if, on that person who has lost his job, a whole family depends, a wife and children who have the habit of eating every day. Really unpleasant situations can arise in which even the help of people who have the good faith to lend a helping hand is needed.


unemployment benefits run out, the problem gets worse. There is not a lot of work, it is difficult to find a place to do our work and time is running out.

If you stop receiving unemployment benefit, the small amount of money disappears and there is no longer any way to pay the bills. We have to find a way out. An interesting option in this respect is such a plan. This plan is an extraordinary help that lasts six months for all those workers who have exhausted the other benefits.

It is a way of trying to survive a little longer, while the future is being fixed.

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