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Some tourists look forward to the day when they can travel and the hotels open. While it seems that that day will not be so far away, the truth is that the tourism sector will have a hard time recovering. In the case of Colombia, the country's economic activity will drop from the growth it enjoyed during 2019, when it grew considerably: 57 percent in relation to hotel occupancy, which translated into more than 4 million foreign tourists. The revival of tourism will not be easy, but the government is concentrating its efforts to make the sector prosper.


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supply is expected to be re-established between late August and early September. The main problem is that international tourism will take a little longer to reactivate and therefore the near future of the sector will be in the hands of Colombians who can travel, although this will not be easy for everyone. The economic sector in general suffered a sharp fall and the unemployment rate doubled in recent months. This means that many of the Colombians who have lost their jobs or even received salary reductions will have economic difficulties and not all will be able to spend money on travel.

However, the government does not lose hope that, at some point, the sector will recover and this is due, on the one hand, to the natural beauties and historical heritage of Colombia and, on the other, to the capacity of tourism to reinvent itself permanently by attracting thousands of people eager to have new experiences.

Colombian government measuresIn

order to reactivate tourism, the government took two important measures: the launch of the Tourism Visitor application and the incorporation of the country into the Coalition for the Future of Tourism, an international organization that seeks to satisfy the needs of communities and tourist destinations. José Manuel Restrepo, current Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, pointed out the importance of Colombia's participation in this type of entity along with other countries that share the same objectives. The sustainable growth of the sector is one of the goals pursued by this coalition and the organization's most important mission is to promote practices that impact the environment as little as possible. To this end, member countries are expected to sign up to a set of principles to promote sustainable initiatives and responsible practices.

As for the Tourism Viewer platform, the interactive application will have real-time data on the sector so that users can access constantly updated statistics. Restrepo explained that the application will contain relevant data on the average expenditure of Colombian tourists, such as their characteristics or the amount of money they spend per day on a trip. In addition, it will have a map visualization tool to follow the evolution of domestic tourism from any device. According to him, this resource will be useful in the reactivation of tourism.

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