LifiMax: turn on, and let the connection be!

More and more, new creations are enriching the world of technology. In terms of performance or safety, a multitude of firms are making considerable advances in this area. Some time after launching the desktop lamp that broadcasts from the Internet connection, OledComm, a French startup, has just revealed the LifiMax ceiling lamp. This latter, far from being a ceiling lamp like any other, is also able to propagate a wireless connection covering a surface area of 28 m².

LIfiMax, quesaco?

On the occasion of CES 2018, Oledcomm presented MyLiFi to the general public.

This device consisted of a desktop LED lamp, which manages to spread a wireless Internet connection through light. It is based on Li-Fi technology. For the year 2019, the young company is continuing its momentum and returns to the high-tech show in las vegas with a new product called LiFiMax. From a technical point of view, the principle remains the same.

Nevertheless, on this product, the coverage of the connection can reach the total space of a room, i.e. up to 28 m². The system is able to receive up to 16 connected terminals, provided they are equipped with the appropriate receiver.Li-Fi is an acronym based on the English words "light" and "fidelity". It is a wireless Internet connection technology that uses the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum to modulate light at high frequencies to encode and transmit information.

It should be recalled here that this modulation technology has much in common with Morse code, a communication technique formerly used by the military and secret services of various countries.Whereas the MyLiFi lamp limited the perimeter to the field of light it produced, LiFiMax is much more flexible because it can be fixed to the ceiling and radiates more widely to cover the whole area of a room.

A good connection?

Faced with the existence of such a technology, the first question that comes to mind obviously concerns the flow rate. The designer, Oledcomm, announces a speed of 100 Mbit/s in downlink (receive) and 40 Mbit/s in uplink (send). With such a speed, this means that you can create a QR code online in just a few seconds, without the hassle of a slow connection. Attached to the ceiling through an exposed plinth or recess, the LiFiMax is 2.5 centimeters thick, with a diameter measured at 11 centimeters.

To operate, it must be connected to an Internet modem via Ethernet cable. Then, each user will need to connect a Lifi device/adapter to their computer to access a high-speed wireless connection.The LiFiMax is available for pre-order and will be officially distributed from September 2019.

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