Four amazing casino stories

People tell stories of all kinds related to the game: hits and errors, master moves, risky bets, world records and much more. This is an account of some very special anecdotes that happened in the casinos.

Victory in 20 secondsAn

English boy named Ashley decided to play for a chip, literally. It sounds incredible, but the reality is that this young man sold every last one of his possessions, including his car, his apartment and all his valuable belongings, went to Las Vegas, entered a casino and bet everything he had, more than 117,000 euros, on the color red.Although young Ashley was tremendously lucky at that time, as the red 7 came out and he doubled his bet, leaving the casino with a considerable amount of cash, it is not advisable to make these risky decisions, since the goddess Fortune is very fickle and leaving so much money in her hands can be a bad idea.

A lucky grandmotherAn

old lady named Patricia traveled to Atlantic City with some friends and stayed at a hotel that had its own casino. She decided that she was tired of the slot machines she could access in many other places and that she could lose a hundred dollars trying her luck and playing craps for the second time in her life.When the dice were passed to her, Grandma rolled them, she said, to try her luck.

After four hours and eighteen minutes, not only had she won a considerable amount of money (the exact figure has never been known), but after 154 rolls without a single seven, she had broken a world record, which has not yet been broken.

The company that survived Fred

is the owner of a well-known courier and freight company. In 1973 Fred faced a major economic crisis, as he had only $5,000 in his current account and owed almost five times as much in fuel alone. Faced with the dilemma of paying and closing, he took the money and went to a casino in Las Vegas. Sitting at a blackjack table, he managed to win a whopping $27,000, which paid the fuel bill and left him with a small balance, which gave him the economic break he needed at the time.

Today that famous company employs over 300,000 people worldwide and Fred is a billionaire.

A story that could be trueThere

is a boy who in 2010 was 8 years old, living in India and creating websites since he was 4.Apparently he was a well-known online poker player, although he did it from an account in his uncle's name. It is rumored that when he won a prize of more than half a million dollars, the company refused to pay, claiming that he was just a kid. They say the family claimed that they had been paid small amounts earlier and that the casino eventually blocked the account.

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